About Us ....

"Twelve Years ago I began a search for a short, sleek haired lap dog and came home with a Siberian Husky. Who could resist those beautiful blue eyes? My friends said she was cleaner than their kids. Bath times....they were another story. Four hours bending over the tub and blow drying with my personal blow dryer ending with enough hair to stuff a king size pillow."

"One day an advertisement caught my eye on TV's Animal Planet. A Doggy U Wash...A place to bring your precious pet to bathe, dry and leave the mess. I would envision this place and realized there must be others who could benefit from this Self Serve Business."

"Now a reality....Happy Tails Pet Wash LLC is dedicated to and in memory of my beautiful girl, Nonaya. God gave me the desire of my heart in that dog...and through my faith, I've learned many things about passion....To love....work hard....and share with others."

"Thank you for the loan of Nonaya, God.

P.S. Please keep her clean."


The Happiest Tail..."Nonaya" - In Memory..."Dedicated to you Girl"


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